Subhiksha mobile is the cheapest ?

Don’t know how subhiksha mobile claims to be the cheapest dealer for mobile phones ?

It seems to be giving stiff competition to other dealers in the country

Dont know if they are making any profit

I dont think the phones are much diff than the ones you get at nokia priority or univercell or wavetel ?

Chennai vasis !! please let us know if you liked you mobile purchase at subhiksha ?

we are just curious

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  1. Rajan karunanidhi on July 14th, 2008

    Realy cheapest prces compared to other mobile retail stores in tamilnadu state so wish to subiksha

  2. ravi goel on July 21st, 2008

    subiksha mobile realy is cheapest but it have not every type mobile model yesterday i found a site name is it provides the mobile but all mobile avilable in watch shape name is watch mobile it is a new type look and desing and have all feature so i suggest you should visit on and take watch mobile in your store.

  3. piyush on July 25th, 2008
  4. Nirmal shasshank on September 4th, 2008

    Planning to change your mobile?
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  5. Hosanna.S on September 25th, 2008

    hey u ppl. r sayin tht subiksha mobile is the cheapest..wat if sumtimes there may be cheating? does it happen or are the dealers honest??

  6. Rajesh on January 5th, 2009

    Stepped into buy from Univercell. For all the hype and tv ads, they have one of the worst ni customer friendliness. They care two hoots about how long you are waiting. Salesmen are busy on phones making personal calls. They don’t give you enough options and talk to you as if you are wasting their time asking about features and similar phones in other brands. As I visit more stores, I will keep the forum posted.

  7. Rajesh on January 5th, 2009

    Univercell Alwarpet it is! Just in case.

  8. nickson on January 24th, 2009

    hello sir,

    i wont nokia -3109c model number rate…

    thanking you



  9. biju on February 25th, 2010

    i like bulk purchase of memory card china mobile & nokia mobile plz cont 09961233465

  10. TAMIL on June 2nd, 2011

    get lost bloody assholes

  11. Ramkumar on September 8th, 2011

    Anybody using nokia c6 here…i want to know how this phone is performing…please reply me anyone well aware of it…thanks…

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